What do you do when you coach?

“The practical knowledge Arun brings to coaching with his experience in the corporate world is second to none.” Marketing Manager, Nokia Siemens Networks.

"I highly recommend Arun as a Strategic & Management Consultant.”

Director of Strategy, Doremus & Co., Hong Kong

In recent years, I was asked a question many times: "What do you do when you coach?" To give a short answer on coaching process is a challenge. A longer one could bore the listener and still not convince her...please click here to read the full article.


...A coach must be aware of a fundamental axiom that the client is knowledgeable and very likely an expert in his job. He does not come to a coach for additional knowledge transfer. Each client possesses “Tacit Knowledge”. Michael Polanyi has written and spoken about it. He also said that “we know more than we can say.” The problem is that we easily lose ourselves in our daily routine and ignore many aspects of our knowledge: we narrow our focus to the present problems. Based on these principles, when the clients come to me with their issues they are surprised in very short time that they discover the solutions themselves. It is also critical in coaching that the clients find only their own solutions and only from their own resources, because only they know what they can and what they do not want to do. Coaching should, ideally, not dig into a client's past, because that is a domain reserved for the psychoanalysts with Freudian doctrine.

"What do I do when I coach?"

I get my clients to use their resources immediately with their own computing power and immediately experience the results and experience the value of coaching.

And that's what my clients like so much that they cannot put it into words.


They discover that it is not enough to decide and that they have their own reasons for acting or reversing the decisions. In any case, after coaching, my clients know that even if they cannot foresee everything, they will definitely influence the outcome of all events and not watch how things happen to them. From the coaching experience, they gradually develop a habit of adaptively responding to their life challenges and do not helplessly stand and watch how certain events overwhelm them.


Coaching is a transformation process.


This is what I do when I coach.

As a C-Suite expert, I help leaders navigate complex, uncertain and ambiguous situations. To master relationships in teams with diverse cultural backgrounds.

Many clients in leadership roles asked very simple questions before they started working with me: "What difference can a good coach really make? I know my environment and I am an expert in my business. What can coaching do for me?"

If you are asking yourself whether these doubts and skepticism ever go away? Yes, just after three meeting with me, most of my clients told me, "I could not have imagined the enormous difference your coaching could make." 

Read what my clients are saying about the benefit they experienced in their professional and private life due to my coaching.

After beginning coaching with me, they confided in me that it was a small silly inhibition that kept them from engaging me as their coach. One CEO said jokingly: "We managers don't do such things: ask for help? We know how to do everything."

During coaching they felt more confident and had new questions to ask me:

"How to master uncertain and ambiguous situations that pop up in daily business? Is there a method to it?"

"How do I navigate through complex leadership challenges?"

"Where or how can I educated my managers to learn to stimulate growth, lead people, inspire others to willingly follow them and the purpose of our company to create a first class enterprise, exemplary customer service or a motivational working environment?"


With more than 35 years of experience at Board Room level and educational coaching qualifications, I provide professional, confidential coaching in two areas of specialism:


·       Executive Coaching – I am uniquely equipped to challenge leaders and potential stars to develop their true potential.


·       Intercultural Competence – fluent in several languages, with international corporate experience and a Masters qualification in Cultural Communication Skills®, I assist individuals and their organisations to navigate changing cultural environments.


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