Is intercultural Training just a new Buzz-word or our Leaders and Managers not ready to address these real issues and take on this topic head on? As an international Manager I very often noticed serious mistakes being made at the top level where decisions are made. These caused them years of losses, and the leadership kept struggling to look for causality in the numbers, goals, and strategies. Their response to the core of the problem, the cultural differences, was limited to stereotyped...
Who decides who deserves to be called a leader and when may we attribute someone with the qualities of leadership and what are they? There are some popular claims to give us a clue how Leadership is perceived in general. It is believed that if managers develop skills they may be able to transform them in to tangible leadership development. This is based on an assumption that certain leadership behaviours can be observed through skill building and taught. What are these skills? — such as team...

What is coaching, what happens during and after coaching?
Key leadership competencies have remained constant for as long as businesses have existed - the ability to lead by example, take calculated risks, communicate effectively and create intrinsic motivation within a team have, and will always be a key competency in leadership.

Key to differentiate a good leader from a great leader is the ability to challenge their own assumptions.
Do you lead by title, or do you lead by example? Is respect for the others a crucial element for you as a leader?

What do you do when you coach?