What do you do when you coach?

My coaching is a methodical competency based on scientific studies  and that is the reason that I deliver excellent results within 3 or maximum 5 meetings. I do not bind my clients with long contracts and also ensure that they are not dependent on me for their daily life. There is nothing new that I will teach you. Nor will I disclose some secretive tricks and tips to manipulate others. It is the process of self-reflection that I am able to generate in 99% of my clients within a very short time that makes them realize what they really want. The realization raises the level of their motivation, and they discover more ways to achieve what they want. Due to my coaching you may just discover that what you thought you should achieve becomes irrelevant to you.

M.W. | Director of Strategy | Doremus & Co.| Hong Kong: "I highly recommend Arun as a Strategic & Management Consultant.”

I prefer not to give advice, consultants do that better. I do not set goals that you must achieve, neither do I dig around in your past or childhood, psychotherapists are trained in that discipline to do it professionally. We start today and you decide what is it you desire to happen for your future. I do not know more than you about your profession, your challenges or about your personal life. I know how things have worked very well for hundreds of my clients due to methodical coaching.


Before engaging me as their coach many of my clients asked a question: " What do you do when you coach?" The answer fascinated most of them. Click here to read what I do when I coach.

K.S. | Marketing Manager | Nokia Siemens Networks: “The practical knowledge Arun brings to coaching with his experience in the corporate world is second to none. 

Have you ever asked, what can coaching do for me? My clients ask me this often, before revealing their major sticking point.


Methodical coaching has the ability to make you discover how to influence the outcome of events in your professional and personal environment. My coaching has  turned many major challenges, my clients faced into a profound advantage. It has transformed many of them into truly great and indispensable leaders.


One of my clients, a senior EU Manager went back to his CEO to thank him that he had engaged me for him. He reported how happy he was to experience the great difference in his work only after two meetings with me. The CEO said, "Wait till you see what positive change it brings to your personal life." This CEO heads an international corporation with about 40,000 employees worldwide.

As a C-Suite expert, I help leaders navigate complex, uncertain and ambiguous situations. To master relationships in teams with diverse cultural backgrounds. Read what my clients are saying about their success related to my coaching.


Areas of my expertise:


Executive Coaching – I am uniquely equipped to challenge leaders and potential stars to develop their true potential. With more than 35 years of experience at Board Room level and educational coaching qualifications, I provide professional, confidential coaching


Intercultural Training – In a short training, I sensitize professionals to attain a sense of competency and work effectively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. As a licensed trainer with a master qualification in Xpert-Cultural Communication Skills®, a course developed by renown professors of the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany, I am well-equipped to provide you competent solutions.

I'm curious if you believe this could add value to your position as a leader? If so, it's simple. We can organize a one-time no obligation consultation. We will begin to identify your hidden knowledge... Then I'll share my thoughts, based on my experience in achieving this with many top performers. If you like what you hear, we can continue the dialogue, and if not then the consultation, along with the insider information I give you, is yours to keep. If you're open to it, call me and let's make it happen anytime convenient to you.

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