What do the Executives look for?

If you have reached a C-Level or a management position, it is very likely that it is because of your competence and knowledge.


Why do you need a coach if you have the knowledge?


I compare our knowledge and the journey of human life to a French dessert "Mille-feuille": a thousand leaves or layers. Every significant experience in our life leaves behind a layer of learning. We make our decisions based on our last learning and very often ignore all else we learned years back. This is not intentional, it is a human phenomenon to find a quick response.


Based on my education, I am convinced that every human being possesses "tacit knowledge". Social scientists have coined a phrase to explain it in brevity: "to know more than you can say." That is also the basis of my coaching: I do not know more than you about your profession, your challenges or about your personal life. I know how things have worked very well for hundreds of my clients due to methodical coaching.


The moment they understood certain underlying phenomena or principles pertaining to their ambiguity, they found clarity of thought. They were able to, practically reinvigorate themselves, express their personality and thoughts much better to achieve more than what they imagined they were capable of.

G.S. | VP [Compliance], Wells Fargo Bank, Hong Kong: “His passion impressed me and his coaching skills are powerful and valuable. He helped me understand my personality with proper guidance to drive myself to overcome the conflicts and challenges.”

One thing that all executives have searched is clarity of thought. More than 300 clients have had a few common topics they wanted to be resolved during coaching with me: Answers to the dilemma faced in personal growth, how am I perceived by my reports? Frustration with the management, ambiguity due to complex management changes and structures, what will I do in the next few years etc.


The ambiguity and conflicts stemmed mostly from personal expectation versus perceptions, and they were absolutely certain that no one could help them. Some executives thought it was wrong, if not embarrassing to discuss these topics until they found out that that is what coaches are educated for.


Coaching is never about of acquiring new knowledge or expertise. Coaching is about enhancing your perspectives and subsequently choices: Enhance the degree of freedom in your thought process.


Very often executives are tied down with thousands real and imaginary obligations, similar to tiny ropes and strings just as Jonathan Swift's Lemuel Gulliver found himself on the tiny country island of Lilliput.


Due to my coaching, executives have often realized that they were facing, what I call "A Gulliver's Syndrome" and not a dilemma. A dilemma would restrict itself to two options. Very often we get caught on small issues that seems irresolvable with thousands of strings and the island of Lilliput seems to be the whole world.

My coaching could help you access your tacit knowledge and give you more self-confidence to approach your issues with renewed sense of self-esteem.


Use your our own knowledge and expertise to find your own solutions. My coaching can make you see that there exists a larger reality beyond the tiny restrictive island country of Lilliput.

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