Group Coaching

Group coaching achieves excellent results in a one summit where cooperation is central and critical for success of all stakeholders. Irrespective, whether we address corporate leadership, management, effective team building, distance management and other similar challenges. Getting the whole group of decision makers under one roof does wonders to each individuals' perception on their own role integration in their environment. It is an exhilarating  experience, not just for the participants, also for the coach to watch the whole group to agree to move in one new direction. It is the renewed passion, a dedication to find innovative methods to create success, question and change the cherished obsolete ways that makes group coaching unique.

Jiraporn Luengborisut, EU HR Director: "I liked the team awareness. The training conducted at the best timing when Jean-Philippe Leonard just took on the new role as the MD EU. I believe the participants have learned a great deal of contents. The handouts and the short notes are also a good tool for reminders. I recommend the course for any leaders who are looking for rich contents but yet in a short timing."

JP: "This seminar of 4 hours was a challenge knowing the subject and the team. I saw it more of an introduction for further half-day sessions, depending on the interest of the various concept/subject we touch during the morning. It was an excellent recap of both hard and soft facts on the topic of team and organization. Arun's illustrations during the seminar were very appropriate, adequate and relevant. His awareness of our company, some members of the team, our professional habits (good and bad) made it even more powerful and understandable for all the participants. Examples directly customized for our environment increased the level of interest of the team, gave clear guidance on how and what to apply in our environment, helped us understand better the way we are managing and the effects on our organization. The challenge to make it in half a day was very ambitious. Arun did more, and the feedback of all the participants is the best evaluation I could get. Many thanks."

A participant from Italy, who prefers to remain anonymous: "This is the best I liked about Team Awareness: Often it happens that you work regularly many years with colleagues and you almost spend more time with them than with your family, but you don't know anything about "which person" they are. You probably know a lot about their position and career in the company, but not how they came to that. Then I really appreciated listening to so many fascinating stories and how difficult it is to find our own way. How we evolve and grow into a mix of personal and professional experiences it is the key to understand each other and getting able to work together in a better and more comfortable win-win approach."

A participant from Germany, who prefers to remain anonymous:

"1. I appreciate getting a refresher on how to build interpersonal trust.


2. I liked Arun's awareness-building approach to highlight communication methods & techniques and demonstrate which are already applied successfully by members of our leadership group."

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