Organizational Development - Change Management

Organizations are a dynamic living organism underlying constant small changes. It is the structural changes that moves people on various planes. These can emerge in any of the following situations:


  • Organizational Restructuring,
  • Post Merger Management
  • Fusion and Integration of new acquisitions
  • Corporate Cultural Change
  • Strategic Change in Business
  • Recover Lost Market Share
  • Change Management

One of most difficult effect of any change in an organization results in an unimaginable emotional impact on the most valuable assets of the company: your experts. A perception of a possible threat for personal prospects in the new structure begins to influence everyone's performance. A feeling of immense insecurity about the future of the company begins to shake the confidence of important people.


No amount of rational explanations is able mitigate these apprehensions. The consequences can be that the key competencies of the organization migrate to competitors, or an inertia takes hold of the organization - a feeling of helplessness.


How do you move people to accept that the strategic change, merger, restructuring or whatever form of big change is good for all stakeholders?


How do you create a sense of purpose in the change and personal initiative in your key players?


What will motivate your experts to exert more energy in change for your strategic changes to become successful?


I offer you solutions on organizational development in models based on scientific studies that deliver result with a very high success rate. Large organizational conferences based on participatory transfer and acceptance of ideas.


1. Methods of participatory learning first introduced by Paolo Freire a Brazilian educator. His methods were adopted worldwide even by the UNO.


2. Real Time Strategic Change - RTSC -  conference.

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