A Word of Caution: What I do not offer

§ Legal Disclaimer 

I am not a Medical Doctor nor am I a Therapist or Alternative Non-Medicine Practitioner!


I would like to explicitly point out that the services I offer do not replace the expertise of a medical doctor or of an alternative non-medicine practitioner. My coaching services differ decidedly from those of a medical doctor or that of practitioner in the non-medical area.


I do not claim to make any diagnosis or give any promises of any sort of healing processes. I am neither qualified nor equipped to deal with a person with pathological history. Should you be in medical or psychiatric treatment due to any health issues, it is strongly advised to continue your therapy with your doctors. In case you still want to be coached by me, kindly consult your doctors before contacting me. Whatever your decision, please do not interrupt your treatment with your doctors.


My service focuses on offering advice and preventive measures that result in maintaining a healthy environment in your personal and business life.


For all other physical or mental health issues you are advised to consult professionals who are specifically trained to treat such challenges.



A number of  Executive Testimonials were written in German or Spanish. The translation is done conscientiously and with sincere efforts to convey what the clients really think about their coaching experience with me. If there are any errors or misinterpretation from the original text they were not intentional. Thank you.

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