Leading Through Uncertainty

Disruptions expose us to crude reality of human limitations.

They stop us short in our routine and disillusion us. How are leaders and managers helping their people and businesses cope with the effects of the pandemic?

Morgan Latif in London, is a well known Recruitment and Talent Management company in London are my partners. Sam Latif, co-founder and director of Morgan Latif addresses the impact of the pandemic and a few critical questions that may help leaders and mangers to cope with the challenges emanating from the disruption. 

Intercultural Training

Often, when business executives discuss intercultural communication they are looking for a recipe, a “set of rules”, a list of “dos and don’ts”, or even "how can you avoid stepping into embarrassing situations?"

In most cases there is a sense of helplessness. The solutions to intercultural communications cannot be narrow, theoretical and naïve or devoid of real-life business experience.