Create a sense of competency for your professionals

My training is designed to raise awareness for the implicit language that every culture creates. You will interact with a sense of competency, irrespective of the cultural background of your partner, be it India, USA, China, Russia or elsewhere. You will create trust in cross-cultural communication for the benefit of your company.

Often, when business executives discuss intercultural communication they are looking for a recipe, a “set of rules”, a list of “dos and don’ts”, or even "how can you avoid stepping into embarrassing situations?"

In most cases there is a sense of helplessness. The solutions to intercultural communications cannot be narrow, theoretical and naïve or devoid of real-life business experience.

Manager, French Luxury Brand, Munich: “Mr. Kohli has a simple, natural wisdom that one cannot possibly learn. His natural gift to approach people with empathy, a healthy measure of analysis and compassionate […] His clarity with a dose of strictness and his talent of getting to the root of the cause are unique. […] He really listens; you can confront him with every possible emotional and intellectual issue, without worrying about being evaluated or being judged by him.”

I am a licensed trainer with a master qualification in Xpert-Cultural  Communication Skills®, developed by renown professors of the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany. I offer you a one-day intercultural training to empower you to create trust in collaboration across different cultures. You will be equipped to respond to ever-changing business demands. You will feel confident and will be able to decode different cultural situations. Was I able to raise your curiosity?


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