What have I got to say?

This book presents an evidence-based discussion of two critical areas that are gaining importance in the business world and personal development alike: namely, coaching and being a coach. Does coaching work? If so, then for whom does it add value and what is it

really all about? Today, just about everybody in personal services seems to have become a coach. Is it just another modern expression or a buzzword for something that other disciplines were already providing? This book seeks to arrive at clear answers to these questions, providing a thought-provoking and insightful narrative that is likely to leave behind a lasting impact on the industry and its potential clients.


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Articles: ‘An Interesting Question!’, LinkedIn, July 2014 

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- An interview with Anja Wetter of the Fernuniversität in Hagen (in German) 'Pyschologiestudium zwischen München und London'.

- A write up in Münchner Merkur, a German Newspaper in Munich.

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