A Personal Journey

In various books and magazines, you may encounter different opinions what coaching is and yet, in the end, you would still be left asking yourself the question: what is coaching? Important statements from some of my clients below show what coaching is and how it was experienced by these "hi-potentials".

I think that practical experience is more credible than confusing theoretical claims.

"From my point of view coaching is help for self-help. One learns to become aware of the already existing knowledge and abilities and is thus able to further develop these skills and ultimately reach the next level on the path of professional as well as personal development."

Lars Ehlers

A client in Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe, Germany

"Coaching is not a set of instructions nor is it an intrusive method. It is simple conversation in an environment that feels safe and confidential where I could easily open up and review my own beliefs and convictions without fear of being judged or assessed. My coach did not dig in to my past or look for mistakes that may have been made in my childhood. Coaching has enabled me to question my own thoughts at my own pace and this process has made my, ostensible, invincible "problems" vincible.

Dr. C. Smith

International Banker, Canary Wharf, London

"Coaching enables one to reach an insight through reflection of situations and a realisation of how to improve one's actions. Coaching is not a "cooking recipe" according to some method "If situation so and so, then act so and so". A coach, rather leads one to think as objectively as possible, to reflect about situations and to look at them from different perspectives. Through that a realisation  emerges about how to deal with issues at hand. This does not result in to learned action. As a result, one is not insecure about how to react to divergent situations or slight changes just because the learned script does not say what to do. One develops a method relying on intrinsic actions, which leads to an adaptive, flexible response depending on the situation."

Axel Speckmann

A client in Braunschweig, Germany