Take the lead of your intercultural teams and environments

Individual intercultural coaching and group training is tailored to helping executives navigate global corporate communications. You are expert at leading your organisation and have a strong reputation as a skilled negotiator and communicator, but can you communicate your skills and expertise to those outside of your native culture? I hold a Masters qualification in Cultural Communication Skills, a course created and taught by prestigious professors from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich and can provide expert guidance to help you decode cultural situations and to enhance your effectiveness in dealing with them.

“Mr. Kohli has a simple, natural wisdom that one cannot possibly learn. His natural gift to approach people with empathy, a healthy measure of analysis and compassionate […] His clarity with a dose of strictness and his talent of getting to the root of the cause are unique. […] He really listens; you can confront him with every possible emotional and intellectual issue, without worrying about being evaluated or being judged by him.”

Manager, French Luxury Brand, Munich

Key Benefits of Individual Intercultural Coaching & Group Training

·      Raises awareness of cultural differences and opportunities.

·      Builds on current strengths to decode cultural ambiguities.

·      Avoids painful situations and awkward culture clashes in all

       communications, including email and SKYPE.

·      Builds confidence in global communication.

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